Every Cricket Fan is a new initiative from the Cricket Supporters’ Association set up to celebrate the diversity of the game and make sure all fans and potential fans can enjoy supporting cricket regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, age, disability, faith or any other characteristic.

With the different formats of the game, cricket should be a game for all. One of the beauties of the game is that some of you love county cricket, some are only interested in T20 and some only want to watch international cricket. But we are aware that there are potential barriers to the game, that it might not as welcoming or accessible as it should be and that’s what we want to look at and overcome.

We want to ensure that everyone can get into cricket, find their favourite players and teams and watch the brilliance of bat against ball.

Every Cricket Fan will support all fans and potential fans to enjoy cricket through working with the counties, other fan clubs, the governing body and other stakeholders within the game to ensure a fully inclusive experience.

Every Cricket Fan is for the fan from the fan. Each and every one of us standing together.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Every Cricket Fan will support and empower all people to enjoy cricket
  • Every Cricket Fan is commited to making cricket supporting accessible for all communities
  • Every Cricket Fan will create and implement programmes to enable and welcome existing and potential fans to consume or play cricket
  • Every Cricket Fan will support existing programmes and initiatives from within the game, either as they are or by adding an new fan element or activity stream

How does it work?

We need to listen and to talk and so we would love to hear from you to understand your experiences. And this means you, whether you are an existing fan or fan group or someone who wants to get into the game. Or if you have an idea or event, project or small supporter group that you’d like our help with, please email us at Becky@wordpress-505425-1603531.cloudwaysapps.com and we will see what we will do.

All work of Every Cricket Fan will be under the supervision of the Guidance Council, a body created to represent the best minds and interests from across society when it comes to diversity within cricket.

Members of the Guidance Council are:

Rodney Hinds – Sports Editor of The Voice and Diversity Champion
Tracy Brown – Co-Chair of Chelsea Pride
Mark Bond – Former England Blind Cricketer and Disability Cricket Programme Manager for the Lord’s Taverners
Tameena Hussain – Board Member of Berkshire Cricket Foundation

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