County Representatives needed – could it be you?

We are looking for a Cricket Supporters’ Association (CSA) representative at each county. There is various reasoning behind this but perhaps most importantly it is so that the CSA is as inclusive and diverse as possible. We want to represent and be relevant for fans all ages, demographics and backgrounds from across England and Wales.

The more people we have involved, the easier it will be to achieve this goal.

Your work will also enable us to continue to grow our membership. A growth in membership means increased legitimacy and consequently, power and influence. By working together and offering an independent fully representative voice, we cannot be ignored.

We have plans to get to as many grounds as possible this summer but obviously we can’t and won’t know your county and community as well as you do and so this is where we need your help.

We would look for the County Representative to be involved in the following:

  1. Working with Becky Fairlie-Clarke in spreading the messaging of the CSA to all members / supporters of that county as far and wide as possible. Whether this is through the other supporter groups, working with the Club management or talking in the pub about the CSA. Encouraging sign-up to the CSA either as individuals or through the affiliate programme (please ask for more details of the affiliate programme).
  2. Establishing the role of fans and members at the County and the channels supporters at the Club use to get their views known
  3. Providing the CSA with feedback on the Club and any aspects /news that are particularly impacting the cricket fans of that county
  4. Assisting with the establishment of a fan’s forum at the county (not all counties every season) and handing out leaflets as required

We will look to host at least one event a year to meet with the County Representatives and discuss aspects of the volunteering programme. Of course, we realise that you will be time limited and so are very happy to discuss what the aspects are of the above that you think you will have time for and what the priorities should be.

2 thoughts on “County Representatives needed – could it be you?

  1. Hi,

    I am very interested in becoming one of you’re CSA representatives for my county who I’ve been a member for over 25 years in the form of Lancashire.

    I have a very good relationship with the club especially with some of the work I have done for the Lancashire Cricket Foundation over the years and i feel through me I would be able to get the CSA message across in a positive light as well as giving you guys a great platform in developing a good relationship with Lancashire County Cricket Club.

    If you wish to contact me further about this, You can get in touch by emailing me at

    Kind regards,
    Craig Tranter

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