Statement on Cricket’s Action Plan to Tackle Racism

Following the announcement on Friday from the ECB and other stakeholders, we can advise that following conversations over the last week between ourselves and the ECB, they have confirmed that through us (the Cricket Supporters’ Association) fans will be part of the process in bringing about the changes that cricket needs.

There is still a long way to go and what will distinguish this initiative from those that came before it will be the ECB and the whole game taking the action that’s needed to irradicate the culture of discrimination and privilege that permeates every level of the game. Holding the governing body, First-Class Counties, and other stakeholders accountable and ensuring fan involvement continues to be our top priority. Lasting changes and not just tick box exercises are required. We will pursue this relentlessly.

Fans and amateur players have a huge role to play in eradicating racism and discrimination from the stands, from social media, from the recreational game and in designing and defining the future of cricket. The governance and regulation of the sport has long needed to come under scrutiny from the grass roots of the game. From board rooms to the role of the ECB we believe fans have a significant role to play in the review and development of next steps. By opening the door to fans the ECB and the counties will give fans and amateur players a voice, allowing them to share their lived experiences, insight, and knowledge. Cricket at all levels will be the better for having these voices heard.

This should be a defining moment for cricket. The bravery of Azeem Rafiq and the other players and people within the cricket community must equate to actionable change. The Cricket Supporters’ Association will be doing everything and more to ensure it is. We will lead and support those initiatives that change the game for the better and be a critical associate when necessary if the holders of our games’ future fail to deliver.

We will keep you posted on updates and details of what the next steps look like.

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