What matters to you? Let us know for the next survey – going live this month

The survey is designed to focus on what matters to all cricket fans – whether you are an avid fan who likes are formats of the game, county cricket champions or those who love the shorter versions – and this is your chance to get involved in what is included in the latest survey from the very beginning.

We want to ensure we cover everything that you find yourself tweeting about, talking about with your mates or thinking about when out for a walk.


All we want here is to know if you think there is anything else we should be including in the survey as we write it.

Topics so far include:

Fans intentions – are you intending to come back to cricket? Watch in ground / engagement on screen, papers, or broadcast / membership of cricket organisations / play cricket – how much time / less or more than previously and the reasons behind where fans are at

Will also have to look at pandemic implications here – for example not attending matches due to travelling on public transport / or not being sure because don’t know how it will look / not being able to sit with friends etc

County membership – are you a member / are you considering becoming a member? Have you given up your membership this season and the reasons behind this?

TV Rights – looking at Free to Air – Channel 4 / highlight packages on BBC but also subscription services – what is paid for / feelings towards cricket being on the likes of BT Sport / Sky / Amazon Prime etc and is this good or bad for the fan? Talking about broadcast money and the impact that has on cricket

Ticket prices – discussion on ticket prices (for this season i.e., International matches) and what prepared to pay

Scheduling – looking at how this season has shaped up for men and women’s first-class cricket – the impact on the different competitions / what you would have liked to see / long term discussion on counties

The Hundred – how are you feeling about the new competition / have you purchased tickets / do you have a team? Impact of The Hundred on existing fan engagement with the game

Diversity and inclusion – understanding of how welcoming and accessible you’ve found your experiences of cricket and if you’d be interested in finding out more on our Every Cricket Fan initiative

Tours – how interested are you in going overseas to watch England play if you can do so?

County Championship 2022 – what you’d like to see in 2022, what you will go to watch and when

Freedom on Information – are you keen to understand more about how decisions are made by the governing bodies and the research behind it?

Role of the fan – seat at the table / the role of the CSA and why it’s important we work together as a community to grow numbers and so grow our voice within the game

Got something to add or say – please do so in the Comments section below or email us at info@wordpress-505425-1603531.cloudwaysapps.com

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6 thoughts on “What matters to you? Let us know for the next survey – going live this month

  1. Timeliness of fixtures – given that theatres and other events are often booking over 12 months ahead it is always a nightmare trying to avoid being double booked when cricket decide on their fixtures late. Even now in March, Hampshire have a Glamorgan T20 that hasn’t been decided if it is an afternoon or evening game.

    Similarly last year 3 of the 4 home womens games were scheduled on the same day as mens games but in different places – doesn’t encourage spectator growth in the womens games.

    This year we are in March and most of the womens Vipers etc games do not have published venues. It is very careless of spectators to leave so late

  2. My main concern is the continuing reduction in the county championship. I know that special arrangements are having to be made for this season but past that I simply do not trust the ECB to protect a meaningful first class set up. They seem only really interested in promoting T20 or the abominable Hundred.

    1. I totally agree.
      The shunting of the County Championship to the extremities of the summer is indefensible and has led to, amongst many other issues, the decline in the number of home grown spin bowlers and the lack of skill by batsmen to play the turning ball.
      The Hundred is a totally unnecessary competition. We already have 18 top class white ball cricket teams, and the funds being pumped into it should go to them instead, allowing them to buy up to 4 overseas stars each, thereby improving even further domestic T20. These games already sell out, so where is the need for The Hundred? Who is going to support these franchise teams who doesn’t already follow a county?
      Its time the county members, who are the blood line of the game in this country, fought back against their committees, and, the ECB and made their voice heard

    2. I would agree with you up to a point, but I think that its quality and not quantity that is important. The pitches need to be of a much higher standard than is currently the case. What is NOT needed is the farcical situation at Beckenham a few years ago where Kent rattled up in excess of 700 Northants saved the follow-on & the match died a slow & painful death! I have always felt that the counties cant be trusted and the ECB ought to employ the groundsmen.

  3. 1. Are England playing too much international cricket, if we need to rotate players?
    2. Why do we need a Test championship, and if it is going to be retained, can we devise a more sensible format?

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