Launch of the International Cricket Supporters’ Committee

We are super chuffed to announce that the Cricket Supporters’ Association (CSA) in partnership with England’s Barmy Army have launched the International Cricket Supporters’ Committee (ICSC) which will bring together cricket fans from across the globe through the various national fan groups and associations to give a global fan viewpoint and voice in the game as well as sharing best practices and experience.

Aside from the Barmy Army and ourselves, current members of the newly formed ICSC include the Bharat Army, Stani Army, Bangladesh Cricket Supporters’ Association (BCSA), The Riches, Gwijo Squad, Beige Brigade, Gayan Senanayaka Cricket Supporters’ Association (Sri Lanka) and the Caribbean Cricket Podcast community. And we are hoping that this will grow to include more national cricket supporting communities after launch.

The idea behind the International Cricket Supporters’ Committee is a simple one, as Becky of the CSA says, “We believe wholeheartedly that fans have an integral and positive role to play in the game. Fans and their representative organisations can offer their insight, experience, and opinions as to how the game survives and prospers and by coming together ensure cricket is a meaningful part of societies across the world. We know from conversations with other fan groups that they feel the same and so forming a Committee seemed the ideal way for us to start talking together from a global viewpoint. We are so pleased with the number of organisations signed up already and are openly looking for other national fan groups to apply.”

Chris Millard, Managing Director of the Barmy Army continues, “Every fan group has their own experiences and their own issues but many are also shared across the world. At the Barmy Army we have 25 years of touring knowledge across all the cricket playing nations, we wanted to share this with other like-minded organisations. The ICSC will look at everything from ticket prices, to scheduling to best practice in terms of racism, travelling overseas and diversity. We will also be looking at fan experiences and engagement and what works across different communities. By founding this committee, we are excited to be able to share knowledge and expertise and to bring together a community of cricket fans from across the world under one umbrella organisation.”

With the fans organisations involved totalling over 1 million cricket fans across the globe, the International Cricket Supporters’ Committee will through surveys, committee meetings, open forums and the opportunity raise questions and concerns whenever and wherever, be able to act as the conduit between the ICC and other global stakeholders within the game and cricket fans.

Central to the new Committee is the ethos that all fans should have equal rights and that cricket should be accessible, safe, and welcoming for each and every fan of the game.

Sign up to the ICSC is free but member groups do need to qualify and be verified. If interested please email us at or go to


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